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MagniLink Vision & Speech


An award-winning HD desktop video magnifier, the MagniLink Vision TTS delivers a stunning visual experience with high resolution, bright colors, extraordinary picture clarity and text-to-speech functionality. 

The MagniLink Vision TTS can read text aloud character by character, word by word, line by line or paragraph by paragraph.  The text and speech are perfectly synchronized so you can read along as the system reads to you.  To maximize your reading pleasure, you can adjust the magnification level, colors, contrast, and reading speed to your personal perference.  This makes it easy to actively follow the text, but it is also possible to sit back and listen to the whole text – with the internal speakers or with connected headphones.  Or turn down the volume, and read the text as it is displayed on the screen at a speed and magnification level that is just right for you.  This mode can be very helpful for people with dyslexia and other cognitive issues.   

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Product Description


The HD camera, along with the HD monitor, provide for a true HD experience at 720dpi for unbeatable image quality. The large monitor is 23” in diameter and can be tilted back 45 degrees and its height can be adjusted between 4” to 7.5” away from the table. These adjustments allow for a perfect ergonomic set-up that will help eliminate neck strain and make for a comfortable user experience.

The magnification range of the MagniLink Vision is between 2x-60x and there are 13 viewing modes from which to choose.  The X-Y table features friction brakes, a curved front that eliminates sharp edges, and 8 bright LEDs for illumination – LEDs whose brightness are adjustable which can be particularly helpful when viewing glossy pages or photos. 

  • Superior Picture Quality: HD camera and HD monitor ensure superior picture quality of 720dpi with sharp text and images.
  • Magnification Range: 2x-60x (on a 23″ HD screen).
  • Viewing Modes: 13 viewing modes (color plus 6 other artificial colors).
  • Text to Speech Functionality: multiple voices and languages available.
  • Monitor Height: Adjustable monitor height between 4″ and 7 1/2″ above table.
  • Monitor Tile: from 90 degrees to 45 degrees.
  • Reading Table: Ergonomically designed X-Y reading table with adjustable friction brakes.
  • DPC: Dynamic Picture Control will adjust lighting automatically.
  • ROPC: Reading Optimized Picture Control adjusts color and contrast; minimizes flicker and ghosting.
  • EUC: End User Configuration – users can set magnification mins & max, number of colors, line guide colors and thickness, etc.


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