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IrisVision is a new, innovative magnification device for people experiencing vision lost associated with conditions such as Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Stargardt’s Disease and more.  Imagine being able to see across a room, recognize facial expressions look out a window, read text or sheet music, play cards, read newspapers, and use a smart phone or computer.  IrisVision is built on a virtual reality headset that displays a sharp, full color video image that enables you to read print and see people, objects and the places in your life!  The wide screen display is like viewing a huge, high definition TV right in front of your eyes.  It’s absolutely amazing technology!

 How It Works

Working with the nation’s most prestigious eye clinic at Johns Hopkins, the software was designed to make up for what the eye of someone with low vision is lacking.  For millions, this means bringing the once blurry, lost details of life back into focus.

Simple controls allow you to size the magnification bubble for optimum viewing with just the right balance of background view for context.  In other words, the magnification bubble is a picture within a picture with variable magnification so you can enlarge anything inside the bubble and still see everything around it.

IrisVision also has a unique reading capability that inverts text to white letters on a black background providing an alternative reading mode that many people find desirable.  Additional settings allow for individual preferences such as contrast, brightness, background dimming as well as others fine adjustments to accommodate your visual needs.

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Product Description

Components of IrisVision

* Best Camera Optics

* Highest Resolution Display

* Widest Field of View

Inventor and Visionary 

IrisVision was invented by Dr. Frank Werblin, one of the great vision scientists of our time.  IrisVision offers much more than any current device on the market at a significantly lower price.

IrisVision Warranty

IrisVision comes with a full year of warranty.  If your devices stops working for any reason, a new one will be provided – no questions asked.

World-renowned Endorsements

IrisVision’s innovative software was merged with the tech powerhouse Samsung and extensive patient studies were performed with Johns Hopkins University of Medicine and M.I.T.   The partnerships resulted in a product that is truly on the cutting edge of technology.


“Having the device really changed my life.  It was as if the whole world opened up to me.  It was incredible to be able to see the masters again, Van Gogh in Amsterdam and Picaso in Paris.  It’s like getting back a part of my life that’s incredibly important to me.  I honestly think I don’t want to be without them.”  Liz Raymer


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