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iZoom makes everything on your computer screen clear and easy to read.  You select the best size, color and even speech – yes it reads to you – for maximum comfort and enjoyment.  Get more out of everything you do on your personal computer with less eye fatigue and frustration.

  • The iZoom CD version is the perfect solution for low vision users who primarily use only one computer.
  • The iZoom USB version is best for those that may need to use magnification on a PC at another location like at a library or work computer.

iZoom USB

Most low vision screen magnifiers today offer a USB version, but all of them require administrative privileges to install software before they can run.  Odds are if you’re using a public computer, you won’t be granted installation rights.

iZoom USB can be used with virtually any Windows PC without installing it on the computer.  It runs directly off the USB memory stick!  You can use iZoom USB at a library, hotel business center or a friend’s computer quick and easily.  You can attach it to your keychain and take it with you anywhere you go.  All your settings are saved on the USB drive so you don’t have to reconfigure it on every new PC.  You simply plug it in and it starts up.  No installation, no administrative access, no license agreements, no hassles.  It simply works!  So the next time you get on a PC at your library, school, a friend’s place, you can relax knowing that their PC isn’t affected and you can use it as freely as you would your own PC.

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Product Description


  • Magnification 40X and up.
  • Text remains smooth when magnified.
  • Customize text and background color to your preference.
  • Clear speech reads aloud emails, webpages, documents etc.
  • Font Smoothing – fonts stay smooth and are easy to read when magnified.
  • Tracking Bars –  intuitively conveys location/position of text or image on page.
  • Smart Align – realigns text to remain on the screen when magnified.
  • 100% Portable – works with virtually any PC without administrate privileges!
  • Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7 and 8.
iZoom version 6.0


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