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Looky 4 HD

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Lightweight Electronic Magnifier With Foldable Handle

The Looky 4 HD is a small portable video magnifier that enables you to quickly and easily enlarge and enahce text and photographs. It is ideal for reading your mail, medical instructions, filing paperwork, and viewing electronic devices like your phone or calculators. 

The Looky 4 HD features a unique foldable handle. This allows you to hold the Looky 4 HD comfortably with one hand while reading.  When folded in and placed on a document to read, the handle cleverly tilts the screen towards you creating an ergonomic and comfortable reading angle allowing for longer reading periods.  The design make its possible to handwrite under the Looky 4 HD (for writing checks, signing documents etc.) either with or without the handle folded. 
The looky 4 HD also has the added feature of being able to be connect to a TV further magnifying the text onto a large screen.  And the enhanced color modes enable you to choose exactly the right color combination for your eye condition, making text appear sharper and easier to read.  Unwanted color combinations can also be turned off.   It also offers a freeze function for capturing text for easy reading.
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Product Description


  • Screen size of 4.3”
  • Touch screen for instant and precise magnification adjustment
  • HD camera for extremely sharp text (even at small magnification levels)
  • 2x – 20x magnification
  • 10 enchanced colour modes
  • Comfortable, foldable handle
  • Freeze function (freeze a photograph or text on the screen) and then zoom and pan around it
  • 2.5 hours use time


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