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Ultra-Compact electronic video magnifier at a great value! Weighing only 7 ounces, it’s so LIGHT & HANDY, you can take it anywhere. Not a Chinese knock-off; made in the EU.

The 3.5″ LCD screen displays a beautiful, clear image in 5 different viewing modes. For viewing pictures, full color mode is best.  For reading text there are 4 additional viewing modes to meet your needs: Black on white, white on black, yellow on blue, and yellow on black.  And the long lasting, LED lights provide perfect illumination for viewing in any environment.

  • 4 Levels of Magnification
  • 5 Viewing Modes: Including full color & alternative colors.
  • Folding Handle: The Looky+ is equipped with a convenient folding handle that allows the user to place the Looky+ directly on the page or object.  Folded up, it easily fits in your pocket or the handy carrying case.  With the handle extended, the Looky+ resembles a familiar magnifying glass.
  • Freeze Function:  This handy feature is useful for viewing items at a store like the price tag or a garment label.  It’s also helpful for viewing photos and taking a closer look at family and friends.
  • Magnification:   There are 4 pre-set magnification levels for the Looky+ ranging from 2x to 20x. This gives the user an good assortment of magnification options.
  • Rechargeable Batteries and Charger: Two AA rechargeable batteries and a charger are included.  Once charged, you can use the Looky+ for 2 hours on average.  The Looky+ easily plugs-in for charging.
  • Handy Carrying Case: The attractive carrying case and strap can be attached to your belt, slung over your shoulder, or conveniently stored away.
  • Quality and Warranty:   The Looky+ is manufactured by Rehan Electronics and undergoes rigorous quality testing before being shipped.  Each unit is protected by a 2 year manufacturers warranty.
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Product Description


3-8x magnification
3.5″ LCD display
Full color, B/W and artifical colors
Freeze frame
Easy grip folding handle
2 hour battery use time
Carry case with neckstrap
Compact and only weighs 7 ounces
2-year manufacturer’s warranty


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