MagniLink S Portable CCTV – demo w/ laptop


We’re selling our store demo unit with a 15″ Windows 7 laptop all for $2,100.00!  That’s more than 50% off the combined price for both products.

The MagniLink S is a portable, near and distant video magnifier that works with either a PC or Mac and can also function as a stand-alone system using a video monitor or TV.  This MLS-CM03 model has a text-to-speech feature that reads text aloud – a very useful function allowing for extended reading and improved comprehension.

The MagniLink S embodies the latest video technology delivering a superior image quality.  The camera has unbeatable sharpness, light sensitivity and offers 60 digital full frames/second for an image that is extraordinarily clear.  Magnification is between 1.4x-75x and has 7 different viewing modes.

The 12.2 inches of working height makes it easy to browse a book, binder or folder.  The high placement of the camera, together with the camera’s wide viewing angle of 54° make it perfect for use in classrooms or meeting rooms in the workplace.  The flexible camera head and arm rotation of 330° horizontal and 300° vertical provide easy and quick switching between distance and near reading tasks.

The MagniLink S is powered by a laptop computer (Windows or Mac) through its 3.0 USB port so there is no added weight from a battery.  The system is controlled via the buttons on the base or by keyboard shortcuts.  And, with OCR capability displayed text can be viewed and heard for maximized reading speed and comfort.

The MagniLink S comes complete with a smart 2-in-1 carrying case that has room for the MagniLink S, a 15.4 inch laptop and its accessories.  The MagniLink S is a great alternative to the standard magnification system – it can be used at home, school, work or anywhere you go!

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Product Description

  • Picture Quality: High Definition (HD) camera; refresh rate of 60 frames /second with no ghosting.
  • Magnification on 15.4″ screen: SD: 1.6 x 75x, HD: 1.4x-75x.
  • Viewing Modes: 6 viewing modes – color, plus 6 artificial colors.
  • Compatibility: Works on both Mac and PC laptops/computers.
  • Power: Powered by user’s computer via USB 3.0; compatible with USB 2.0.
  • Controls: Easy-to-use controls on base or use icons on computer screen.
  • Footprint: Foldable support legs can be placed tightly alongside laptop in small desktop areas.
  • Camera Flexibility: Camera arm swivels to right and left; useable for left and right-handed users.
  • Camera Rotation: Rotates 330 degrees both horizontally and verticall.y
  • OCR: Optional feature translates text to speech in different languages (Windows and MAC Operating Systems).
  • Portability: All-in-one carrying case included; room for MagniLink S, laptop and accessories.
  • Operating Systems: Windows 7 & 8, 10, MAC Operating Systems X 10.6 or later
  • Warranty: 90 days


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