MLV-12 800×620

MagniLink Vision


The MagniLink Vision is an award-winning line of desktop video magnifiers.  Using state-of-the-art Sony cameras, both the High Resolution (HR) and High Definition (HD) deliver a stunning image quality.  Beautiful in design, the Vision comes with either an 18.5″ HD monitor or a 23″ HD monitor.  Plus you can choose the simple, 3 knob control panel or the 5 button control panel that adds a few more features.  The monitor can be tilted back 45 degrees and its height can be adjusted between 4” to 7.5” away from the table.  These adjustments allow for a perfect ergonomic set-up that will help eliminate neck strain and make for a comfortable user experience.

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Product Description


  • Superior Picture Quality: perfectly balanced cameras combined with the HD monitor ensure exceptional picture quality.
  • Magnification Range: 2x-60x (on a 23″ HD screen).
  • Viewing Modes: 13 viewing modes (color plus 6 other artificial colors).
  • Monitor Height: Adjustable monitor height between 4″ and 7 1/2″ above table.
  • Monitor Tile: from 90 degrees to 45 degrees.
  • Reading Table: Ergonomically designed X-Y reading table with adjustable friction brakes.
  • DPC: Dynamic Picture Control will adjust lighting automatically.
  • ROPC: Reading Optimized Picture Control adjusts color and contrast; minimizes flicker and ghosting.
  • 3 Knob Panel: on/off, zoom in/out, artificial color selector.
  • 5 Button Panel: on/off, zoom in/out, artificial color selector + screen brightness, focus lock & reference line and curtains. 
  • Camera Options: High Resolution (HR) and High Definition (HD).
  • EUC: End User Configuration – users can set magnification mins & max, number of colors, line guide colors and thickness, etc.


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