Mercury 10

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Mercury 10 is a simple, yet sophisticated reading system that magnifies text and images and also reads text aloud.  It’s a perfect solution that magnifies text so you can read comfortably, but if you want the text read back to you, simply touch the screen and the Mercury 10 starts reading the text aloud!  Plus with the simple-to-use text reader all the popular Android applications are accessible with a swipe of your finger.  

The Mercury 10 is the result of years of research to provide a ultra portable, high performance magnification solution with highly accurate speech.

With two models to choose from, the Mercury 10 with integrated legs is perfect for people needing a ultra portable system.  You can move it between your home and office or from class to class with ease and convenience.  If you think you’ll be using the Mercury 10 primarily in one location like a home or office, we recommend the full stand – which also is highly portable and easy to move from room to room.


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Product Description

  • 10 Inch HD Display
  • 2 Stand Options
    • Integrated Foldable Legs
    • Desktop Stand
  • Live Magnification
  • Accurate Full Page OCR (text to speech)
  • Text-reader for accessing the Android OS and Popular Apps
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Multiple Color Schemes
  • Intuitive Touch Navigation
  • Save/Load Images
  • Natural Sounding Voices
  • 8 Mp Camera With LED Light
  • Headphone Jack
  • Multiple Languages
  • Up To 6 Hours Of Continuous Use


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