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SuperNova Access Suite

A full screen reader offering magnification, speech and Braille support, enabling people with visual impairments the ability to access Windows PC’s in a means that suits them best.  It’s ideal for both individual users, and institutions that need a full compliment of accessibility tools for addressing a variety of visual conditions.

SuperNova Magnifier

With just one click and everything on screen is instantly magnified, effortlessly clear and always easy to see, thanks to SuperNova’s unique True Font technology.  Magnify as little or as much as you need, zoom in for crystal clear detail or simple enlarge and enlarge as your sight changes. Perfect for people who are partially sighted or have low vision.

SuperNova Screen Reader

SuperNova Screen Reader is a powerful application that reads a PC computer screen and communicates the information via speech or a refreshable Braille display to the end-user.  SuperNova Screen Reader has been developed for blind computer users and is used extensively in education, work and home settings.

SuperNova Reader Magnifier

Offering all the benefits of a screen magnifier, SuperNova Reader Magnifier also offers added speech output to provide extra support for partially sighted computer users.  SuperNova Reader Magnifier is ideal for people with low vision or deteriorating sight.

For site licenses, upgrades and software maintenance agreements please talk with a sales associate at 888 318-2582.

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Product Description


  • Crystal clear magnifier enlarges everything on screen up to 60 times.
  • Natural sounding male and female voices speak documents and apps out loud.
  • Intelligent screen reader allows you to control precisely what is announced.
  • Robust Braille output and input with more than 60 different displays Hundreds of main stream Office, web browser and leisure apps supported.
  • Dolphin Cursor to explore the screen and control the mouse pointer from the keyboard.
  • Touch screen magnification.
  • Multiple Monitor support for: multitasking, delivering presentations or working closely with colleagues.
  • Synchronized visual Highlighting, never lose your cursor or mouse pointer.
  • Color schemes reduce glare and maximize reading comfort.
  • Get started quickly with: Setup Wizard, videos for learning and CAPS+F1 Help.
  • Easy to press hotkeys for reading the screen or changing settings on the fly.
  • Highly customizable: magnification, speech and Braille settings to suit you and your apps.
  • Access to books, news, podcasts and radio.
  • Scripting and API for developers to make almost any app accessible.
  • Available in more than 20 languages.


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