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This is a great opportunity to buy a lightly used MagniLink Voice, 1st generation reading system.  This particular unit has been used for demonstration purposes only in our store and is in excellent condition.  It’s easy to use and looks great.  Put the text in place, press the big orange control button – and you’re done.  A few seconds later, the text is read aloud.

MagniLink Voice is a reading machine with the same cutting-edge performance you’ve come to expect from every LVI product.

The contemporary design with soft natural fabrics will fit into any environment.  The Voice is also available without the fabric cover “the sweater” for a sleek, Scandinavian look.   Both models look great in the kitchen, home or office.  The high quality materials and finish indicate a premium product that you’ll be proud of for years to come.

The Voice is adaptable to the individual user, by adjusting reading speed, volume, voices, light and more.  Even the menu itself is configurable. Selectable audio profiles deliver superior speech vocalization for listening enjoyment.  High quality, localized male and female English voices are included. 

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Product Description


* Reads misaligned documents

* Voice feedback for all functions

* Automatic language detection

* Extremely good depth of field –
optimized for browsing large books
under the camera

* Includes battery

* SAPI5 – allowing use of additional voices from third party suppliers, such as Acapela/infovox4.


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